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Foundation Repair in Pennsylvania

foundation repair chester county paThe great thing about living in Pennsylvania is we get four true seasons. From the hot to warm, chilly and cold, we see it all. When it is winter in Bucks County, we see cold, frost, and snow for the kids to play in. When it is spring in Delaware County, it is rainy and windy but the flowers are blooming. When summer hits in Montgomery County we have hot days that dry us out, and when fall comes around we know it’s time for storms to pull the leaves off the trees in Chester County.

All across the Philadelphia region, this constant change in temperature and moisture works against our foundations and tries to test their limits.

  • Look at your mortar joints. If something appears out of place, there has been a shift and your foundation is at risk.
  • Cracks are visible on either the outside siding or inside drywall. Also look for cracks in the basement floor or concrete.
  • Are there uneven floors? If the ground is sinking, it causes a huge foundation issue.
  • Look for gaps between the ceiling and crown molding or caulking and windows.
  • Look to see if the patio is pulling away from your Philadelphia area home.

If you are noticing cracks after this winter’s freezing weeks, then it’s time to call in Value Dry and see if they are cracks that need to be repaired or just something to watch for.

Expert Foundation Repair to Keep Your Home Secure

foundation repair montgomery county paThe key element in shifting foundations is they do not stop shifting. If you see walls that are bowing or have windows and doors that seem to be jamming all the time, not just in the wet season, then you need Value Dry to come out and analyze them for structural issues.

In many cases, cracks can be simple fixes when caught early, but it’s when foundations are ignored that the first crack allows other cracks to begin appearing. If left to grow over time, you will need some serious foundation repairs that lead to basement waterproofing in Pennsylvania.

You will appreciate the examples we can show you from our experience across thousands of foundation repairs in and around Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Bucks or Philadelphia County. Value Dry always wants to help you stop foundation issues early, but even if it hasn’t been noticed in enough time, we stand ready to bring our heavy equipment, as well as our talent to restore your peace of mind in your homes safety and value.

Let us show you what we can do and work together with you to stop the season’s impact to your home, so you can spend more time outside enjoying your family time and less time watching cracks grow. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns regarding the foundation of your home or crawlspace encapsulation in Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a crack in my wall, do I need to get it repaired?

There are several types of cracks and each telling a different story. Many cracks form due to the freeze/thaw cycle homes experience through the seasons. This means that no matter how small it is now it will most likely continue to grow over time. How large, location, difference in size from one end to the other all play into the severity of the crack. Whether it’s a horizontal, vertical or step crack it can be repaired but it’s the extent that it has been allowed to grow that dictates the options and cost. Avoid paying more in the future, stop the crack while it is still easily managed now.

Could I just shoot some caulk into the crack to fix it?

Most cracks result from some form of movement. The caulk most home improvement stores carry will not handle the shifts over time. If there is water coming into the crack it will always push off any simple caulk fix in a short amount of time.

My wall seems to be bowing. Can this be fixed?

Most all foundations can be repaired if addressed early. We have the trained inspectors who can assess the level of bowing and identify a remedy to address your specific problem. You want to work with a team like Value Dry who have multiple options and will take into account how you use the space or plan to use it, not just how to solve the current issue.


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