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Exterior Waterproofing in Pennsylvania

When we have a water issue in PA, we know it. Perhaps you are seeing mold on your drywall or you have tried sealing the cracks in your basement many times and still they leak.

You need to waterproof the exterior of your house to maintain the comfort and safety you’re accustomed to. By having your basement waterproofed, you’ll experience extensive benefits.

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Reduced Stress & Added Peace of Mind
  • Protects Belongings in the Basement
  • Prevents Damage from Termites
  • Prevents Issues Related to Mold from Moisture
  • Safeguards the Interior of the Property
  • Restores Value When You Decide to Sell

Exterior Waterproofing in Pennsylvania

exterior waterproofing montgomery county pa

Is the kids play area in your basement showing more signs of dampness than just milk spills would cause?

Perhaps your dream home in Philadelphia or Delaware County is all done, and then it springs a leak. What can you do to get the waterproofing completed without redoing the interior work you already finished? At ValueDry, we know this is a common request from homeowners to see if we can do something from the exterior.

We Provide Your First Line of Defense

Exterior waterproofing is used for more than just keeping redo at a minimum. It is your first line of defense when water is coming directly at your homes exterior foundation. You want to talk to the experts at Value Dry about exterior waterproofing when your problem in the greater Philadelphia area has some of these attributes:

  • Your water only appears in one location and doesn’t come from anywhere else in foundation.
  • When the whole floor wall joint is dry but the sill plate is rotted and so water is coming over the sill and coming down the wall.

There are plenty of others but this can help guide you into what we look for to say this is the time to start working from the outside in.

Services from Your Trusted Partner

exterior waterproofing delaware county paIf you need exterior waterproofing, you want to be sure the job is done right the first time. Make sure your exterior waterproofing company is going to do more than just paint something and then backfill the dirt that scrapes it right back off.

Make sure you are getting a process, like Value Dry’s, that includes cleaning the surface, adhering to a tough membrane that is puncture resistant with edging that keeps water away. But your exterior waterproofing professional shouldn’t stop there, they should add some protection when they put the dirt back into place AND it should also channel the water away from the repair as well.

Value Dry has this complete system designed from years of experience in the Chester and Bucks County areas, and we know this will keep water from ever coming back in that location again.

From Chester County to Philadelphia, Bucks to Montgomery County, or Delaware to Lancaster, we know how to get your exterior repaired so you never worry about it again.

If it turns out that you need more then exterior waterproofing we also complete foundation repair in Pennsylvania and if you love your gardens and want the waterproofing to be done from the inside check out our basement waterproofing options. Contact us for more information about our expert services to protect your foundation.


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