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Egress Windows & Doors in Pennsylvania

Many home builders design basements as an afterthought since they expect it will only be used for storage. Many homeowners find that they have no form of egress, the legal requirement to allow for an escape path from every living space.

Maximize the value of your home and add an aesthetic appeal with egress windows and doors to your home.

  • Meets code requirements
  • Allows Natural Light to Enter the Basement
  • Stops Water from Seeping Into the Home
  • Adds Comfort & Safety
  • Creates an Additional Route of Escape
  • Allows Up to Twice as Much Living Space

Find the Benefit of Egress Windows in Your Home

basement waterproofing contractors pennsylvaniaIf your basement already has windows or doors it may still not meet the code for legal egress requirements. Yet in Pennsylvania, we are blessed with nice deep basements that just beg to be redone. Egress doors and windows are your ticket and Value Dry is calling all homeowners in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware County to take back their basements.

Make this space just as nice as the rest of your house. When you go through the door to your basement do you think “I can’t use this space”? Look at how small the windows are and maybe you don’t even have a door outside. There is no natural light here.

Whether you live in new developments like so many of our neighbors in Montgomery and Delaware County, or you have an older farmhouse in Bucks or Chester County, or even a row home in Philadelphia, we have the experience to make this basement more usable.
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Install Egress Windows for Safety & Peace of Mind

Egress doors and windows do more than just meet codes required by Pennsylvania to keep us all safe. They bring in the outside light so you feel comfortable to start living it up in your new man cave, bedroom, or play room for the kids.

  • Be sure to let yourself dream about the freedom this space would give your crowded family, and peace of mind getting the escape routes right would offer your home.

Don’t forget to look around and if there are any other issues in the foundation remember we can fix them, as well. Take a look at what else we can help with because we are experts working on foundation repair in Pennsylvania.

  • Get full use of your basement living space and let us install a custom cellar entry door that ensures you have a safe installation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding egress windows and access doors, contact us today to see how we can help.


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2011 - 2016