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Mold Remediation in New Jersey

mold remediation delaware county paDid you know that 90% of mold is invisible? In New Jersey, when a person tells you they have mold in their house, you wonder if you should ever go there again because of all the horror stories you hear.

But whether your friend lives in Burlington County or Monmouth Junction, Value Dry can help you know whether there is really an issue or if you need some help to remediate it. Look for the warning signs in your home.

  • Noticeable Mold Odors
  • Excess Moisture or Water Damage in Areas of Your Home
  • Visible Mold Growth (Cottony, Velvety, Fuzzy & Granular with Varied Colors)
  • Wet Areas on the Exterior of the Home (Nowhere for the Water to Escape)
  • Notice Allergy-Like Symptoms with Family Members

Most people think mold happens in only specific instances of floods or massive water impact to your home, but mold actually is present in the air around us and is always looking for the three things that help it to thrive. It needs air, food and water.

Your home has two of these items a plenty and so the only item you can control is the water available to quench the molds thirst.

Letting You Know Whether Remediation is Necessary

mold remediation philadelphiaIf you have a slow leak at a pipe or if you have constant inflow of water every time it rains around the perimeter of your basement, mold only needs a foothold to grow. It won’t be long before remediation is necessary for your New Jersey home.

So what should you do if you see mold and want to know that it is taken care of so no one is worried about its potential health impacts? Call Value Dry today and we can tell you a couple of things.

First, we will be able to point out potential water locations and the process to fix them. Second, we can offer several ways to remediate the mold issues, whether it’s one corner of the basement or the whole crawlspace that needs encapsulation in New Jersey. Finally, if there is a much larger issue, we have the ability to test the air and tell you the status the mold, whether it is truly unhealthy or just unsightly so you can decide what you would like done with it.

Look for adverse health effects, and understand that children and the elderly will show signs of health concerns quicker than others.

Our Plan to Leave You Living in Comfort

Value Dry’s goal is to keep that water from getting in and allowing the mold to grow in your home so part of our remediation process is to try identifying where the water is coming in. Without stopping the source, you shouldn’t just try remediation. Mold will come back.

Once the source is stopped, you want a company that can create a remediation plan that minimizes any dust moving through your house so you capture all of the mold in one location and remediate it properly.

Value Dry has the experience to help you manage your mold concerns from Burlington County to Bergen County, and all over NJ.

Value Dry is your best partner to remediate all your mold concerns. If you have an issue in your crawlspace that is causing the mold, or require foundation repair in New Jersey, we can help with those as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes that typical basement smell?

The musty smell is often mold that is blooming and starting to spread. Mold is always present in the air and is just looking for a source of moisture. If there is any humidity or water in your basement this allows it to thrive and as it grows the smell is created.

Is all mold dangerous?

No, only a few types are really toxic but all mold in high concentrations can cause issues with allergies, breathing, headaches etc. Because of modern building practices, homes now are built tightly sealed with little to air circulation to the outside. This tightness when combined with moisture allows for a buildup of mold and allergens that can be harmful. This is what the EPA and Board of Health term as “sick building syndrome”.

I have been told that all I need to do when I see mold is check if it is black mold and if so then simply bleach it. Is that true?

The color of mold does not determine whether it is toxic. Many types of mold are black while only a few types are toxic. The number of spores, their impact on you and whether the mold is actively growing is more important than color. Bleach can be effective on removing mold from nonporous substances such as tile counter-tops but it actually leaves behind water which promotes future mold growth on porous items like wood, drywall etc.

Why do we normally suggest the air sample test?

In many cases when a person calls us they might not actually need remediation. Mold exists everywhere. It is the amount and type that are present in your home versus what is normally found outside your home that matters. The outdoor air sample test is conducted to get a control and comparative sample. The indoor test will be conducted around the location of your concern. These are compared at the lab for corresponding concern around issues. If someone only takes a sample at the location of your concern it’s easy to show large numbers of some naturally occurring mold spores that do not need remediation. Know whether you need remediation by testing correctly.


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