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Foundation Repair in New Jersey

foundation waterproofing burlington county njCracks in the foundation of your New Jersey home always makes you wonder if there is an underlying issue. Even if your neighbor’s uncle told you “all concrete cracks,” you still wonder if this one is a problem or not. Don’t debate it anymore. Value Dry can put your mind at ease.

Look for these warning signs to determine if there is an issue with your foundation.

  • Cracked Walls
  • Doors That Won’t Close
  • Uneven Floors & Sinking Ground
  • Visible Cracks on the Outside Siding or Inside Drywall
  • Shifts in Mortar Joints for Brick Homes
  • Gaps Between Caulking & Windows
  • Gaps Between Crown & Ceiling
  • Displaced Moldings

Everyday each of our inspectors is looking at multiple basements and crawlspaces, and they are focused on the foundation where they look for potential issues that signal a need for basement waterproofing in New Jersey or moisture intrusion that needs to be repaired.

Trustworthy Professionals to Keep Your Home Secure

foundation repair burlington county njWe have looked over every type of foundation issue there is. Call us crazy but we love helping people know what needs to be addressed for repair and those that are safe for you and your family.

There are plenty of times we have gone to a home in the Burlington County area and had the pleasure of telling the homeowners they don’t need any repair.
The crack can sometimes be part of the curing process. If we do see the crack needs some attention then you want to catch it early. Don’t wait for it to grow into a large issue where mold can sprout up and you’ll need mold remediation in New Jersey.

Expert Foundation Repair For All Damaging Issues

We can close up the crack and keep it from spreading with easy processes if caught in time. Our inspectors are highly trained and focus on more than just whether water is coming through or not.

  • We are looking at depth of crack, origination point, direction it travels, presence of water, impact to object like windows, location along the wall, and many other elements to make a judgement on the severity of the problem.

It’s not just cracks that our inspectors watch for either. Bowing walls are something that no one wants to face, but these are potentially more of an issue than just cracks. We examine the entire foundation, letting you know what repairs need to be made.

Let us help you put your worries to rest in New Jersey. From Burlington to Bergen County, we love to be able to tell someone to have no fear and that everything is fine. But if your foundation needs repair, you will know with confidence that we are your team to fix it right the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a crack in my wall, do I need to get it repaired?

There are several types of cracks and each telling a different story. Many cracks form due to the freeze/thaw cycle homes experience through the seasons. This means that no matter how small it is now it will most likely continue to grow over time. How large, location, difference in size from one end to the other all play into the severity of the crack. Whether it’s a horizontal, vertical or step crack it can be repaired but it’s the extent that it has been allowed to grow that dictates the options and cost. Avoid paying more in the future, stop the crack while it is still easily managed now.

Could I just shoot some caulk into the crack to fix it?

Most cracks result from some form of movement. The caulk most home improvement stores carry will not handle the shifts over time. If there is water coming into the crack it will always push off any simple caulk fix in a short amount of time.

My wall seems to be bowing. Can this be fixed?

Most all foundations can be repaired if addressed early. We have the trained inspectors who can assess the level of bowing and identify a remedy to address your specific problem. You want to work with a team like Value Dry who have multiple options and will take into account how you use the space or plan to use it, not just how to solve the current issue.


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