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Exterior Waterproofing in New Jersey

When the rains in New Jersey sweep through places like Burlington or Monmouth County, the water is directed somewhere. Your basement is the most common place for the water to build up, and can have a serious detriment to your home if you have not had exterior waterproofing services.

There are many benefits to this service, including:

  • Prevention of Damage from Termites
  • Reducing Energy Costs
  • Protecting Your Belongings in the Basement
  • Preventing Issues Related to Mold
  • Restores Value When You Decide to Sell
  • Safeguards Your Interior on All Levels of the Home
  • Reduces Stress
  • Provides Peace of Mind

exterior waterproofing burlington county njWater will follow the path of least resistance as it tries to find its way back to the rivers. Oddly, your basement is the easiest path if you think about how your house was built.

The vast majority of homes in New Jersey were started by digging a hole in the packed soil. Then your builder set in block or poured concrete and he covers the outside with a tar coating and pushes dirt back around it.

  • This means the soil around your house is not as dense as the soil 15 feet away from the edge of your house. The water flows easier to the basement.

Water Seepage Requires Treatment Sooner Than Later

Once the water can get into your home, the tar is only meant to last one year. Best case is you’ll get 2-3 years from it, but your goal is to live dry and happy in your home for 20 plus years. What now? If your builder had done a complete exterior waterproofing job this timing would not be at risk.

  • At Value Dry, we’ll deliver you with a complete exterior waterproofing job, and a system of items that are designed to support each other.

exterior waterproofing new jerseyYou need a waterproof barrier that adheres to the foundation and then has all of its edges that water could penetrate covered with a secure bar system. Then before it is closed up we make sure there is a barrier to avoid the backfilled rock and dirt to impact this barrier so you know what was done is still done when you are all closed up.

Helping You Avoid Future Water Issues

If you live in Burlington County or all the way up to Bergen County and everywhere in between, let us help you stop your water issues at the point of entry.

Call Value Dry and schedule your free inspection today so we can show the best process for making sure your exterior waterproofing is done right so the rains just water your grass and move around your house as it avoids damaging your home and leading to foundation repair in New Jersey.

Value Dry can also take care of any structural issues or help solve your problems through basement waterproofing in New Jersey, as well. Contact us today and learn how we can help.


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