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Egress Windows and Doors in New Jersey

In New Jersey, we all know we pay incredible prices for our homes compared to other parts of the country. You want to make the most of the space you have before looking to upsize as your family grows.

If you are getting ready to sell, you’ll be looking for ways to maximize the value of your home. Adding egress windows to your finished basement adds both value and benefits.

  • Allow Natural Light into the Basement
  • Additional Route of Escape in Case of Emergency
  • Increases Aesthetic Value
  • Stops Water from Entering Basement
  • Adds Safety & Comfort
  • Meets Code Requirements

Making your basement part of the space for living is crucial to getting the most for your home these days. There are many contractors who can come in and put up walls and electric, but in order to be sure the family is safe and you can sell it for the value you believe it is worth, you need to make it easily accessible.

Why Choose Egress Windows or Doors?

egress doors burlington county njWhen all the basement renovations are done then you need to be sure you include a basement egress window or door. They are called egress doors and windows because they provide a secondary means of exit if a problem happens with your primary access.

The installations of egress styles will provide you with peace of mind if ever an emergency should happen. It also means a way to set up the space with ease because now you have a way to bring in your uncle’s free couch, dresser and bed into this new basement space without carrying it around corners and bumping into things in the kitchen.

You don’t want to make a great space and then leave any old furniture in the basement. An egress door is a straight shot into the basement. An egress window also means no longer living by the flicker or hum of the fluorescent lights.

Egress windows are large enough to allow a person through it AND they need space to allow someone to climb up and away to bring in plenty of natural light, while still maintaining your privacy.

The Value in Hiring Experienced Technicians

egress windows burlington county njValue Dry has put in so many egress windows and doors in New Jersey that we have become a trusted partner for all your needs.

From Burlington County to Atlantic County and up through Mercer and Bergen County, we’ve completed the installation of these comfort areas for homes of all sizes. Don’t let just anyone cut a hole in your foundation wall and slap some stairs in it and call it safe.

We will not only build a full frame tied into your existing foundation and make sure the bracing is correct for the location. We also do the exterior waterproofing that’s needed to be sure it stays as dry as the rest of your basement.

Trust Value Dry to make your basement dreams come true and watch the value of your home keep going up.


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2011 - 2016