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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Waterproofing in New Jersey

In New Jersey, many of our older homes, like those historical sites in Burlington County or Hunterdon County, were built with a crawlspace between the living space and foundation instead of a full basement.

Often these spaces are dark and damp, and you don’t pay much attention to them. But this might be a place you should focus on a little bit more.
If you look under your crawlspace even once a year, you will catch minor issues before they can affect you. How could my crawl space affect me you ask?

  • Mold Spore Allergens
  • Flooded Spaces
  • Crawl Space Rot & Sagging Floors
  • Presence of Insects or Rodents
  • Wet Areas or Water on Floor
  • Rusty Metal Surfaces
  • Open Vents to the Crawl Space
  • Cold Floors Above the Space

Put an End to Crawl Space Problems with Value Dry’s Professional Encapsulation Services

crawl space waterproofing burlington county nj

  • With crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing from Value Dry, you can stop this in its tracks.

Encapsulation is covering the dirt crawlspace with a heavy duty, puncture resistant membrane and sealing it so nothing will pass into your living space. If your crawlspace has a concrete pad instead of dirt, a more traditional basement waterproofing system can be installed to keep moisture out of your house. On some rare occasions, if water is particularly heavy, we may suggest both systems to make sure of a dry foundation.

Encapsulating Crawl Spaces Throughout New Jersey for Your Convenience

crawl space encapsulation burlington county njFrom Burlington to Monmouth County and Ocean to Bergen, Value Dry covers all of New Jersey as your go to team for crawlspace encapsulation. If during our inspection we uncover other issues, we can also help you solve those during our thorough maintenance and mold remediation in New Jersey.

Our top priority is leaving you completely satisfied with the project, ensuring your health and safety is never jeopardized.

You know at Value Dry we want to help you catch any issues early so schedule your appointment today so we can help keep you dry and healthy.

Whether you need your crawl space inspected and encapsulated, or you require more extensive foundation repair in New Jersey, we’re your trusted partner for all services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about keeping my crawlspace dry?

The air you breathe in your home circulates from the ground level up to the attic. Your crawlspace is influencing the air quality throughout your entire home. If there is moisture or mold then this is contributing to the allergens you breathe. A simple crawl space encapsulation can dramatically reduce the toxins in the air you breathe.


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2011 - 2016