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Mold Remediation in Massachusetts

mold remediation massachusettsMold exists everywhere, and most outside molds are not that harmful to people. Indoor mold can have a much more profound effect, becoming a health hazard as it leads to various illnesses. From Boston and Cambridge out to Norfolk County, Middlesex County and even Worcester County in Massachusetts, mold can thrive depending on the conditions in the home or office.
When mold exists in a home or office, the effects can range far and wide.

  • Musty smell and a few spots on a wall.
  • Extensive hidden infestation leading to serious health effects.
    • Headaches, coughing, wheezing, asthma, and deep respiratory issues.
    • More dangerous types can lead to cancer, brain damage, and even death.

To avoid this scenario, you should conduct a test routinely in order to see if it exists and if so, the severity inside your property. Once it is established that mold exists, remediation should be performed immediately.
We’ll determine when remediation is needed if we sense the presence of:

  • Noticeable Mold Odors
  • Visible Growth
  • Wet Areas on the Exterior of the Home (meaning there is nowhere for water to escape)
  • Excess Moisture or Water Damage

Most people try to complete the remediation themselves, usually using bleach or another cleaner and then they think they are done. In these cases, you will see a return fairly quickly and a more severe issue.

Expert Services with Customized Solutions

Our services will get rid of the moisture that is causing the substance to affect your health through various methods. If there is an issue with your foundation where water is seeping into the basement, we’ll provide foundation crack repair in Massachusetts.

Mold needs three things to exist: moisture, food (wood, paper, leather, cotton, etc.) and the proper temperature and humidity.

Our remediation process identifies the sources and removes them, properly containing the infested area, and then uses trusted and advanced materials to clean and remove the infestation, restoring the area back to normal. Through our evaluation of the property, our staff will recommend various services to best meet your particular needs, including crawl space encapsulation in Massachusetts.

To correctly complete the remediation in Boston, Cambridge, Worcester County, Norfolk County, Middlesex County, or wherever you are in Massachusetts, contact the experts at Value Dry Basement Waterproofing. We perform the most reliable services in the area, customizing a solution for your property to help your home maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes that typical basement smell?

The musty smell is often mold that is blooming and starting to spread. Mold is always present in the air and is just looking for a source of moisture. If there is any humidity or water in your basement this allows it to thrive and as it grows the smell is created.

Is all mold dangerous?

No, only a few types are really toxic but all mold in high concentrations can cause issues with allergies, breathing, headaches etc. Because of modern building practices, homes now are built tightly sealed with little to air circulation to the outside. This tightness when combined with moisture allows for a buildup of mold and allergens that can be harmful. This is what the EPA and Board of Health term as “sick building syndrome”.

I have been told that all I need to do when I see mold is check if it is black mold and if so then simply bleach it. Is that true?

The color of mold does not determine whether it is toxic. Many types of mold are black while only a few types are toxic. The number of spores, their impact on you and whether the mold is actively growing is more important than color. Bleach can be effective on removing mold from nonporous substances such as tile counter-tops but it actually leaves behind water which promotes future mold growth on porous items like wood, drywall etc.

Why do we normally suggest the air sample test?

In many cases when a person calls us they might not actually need remediation. Mold exists everywhere. It is the amount and type that are present in your home versus what is normally found outside your home that matters. The outdoor air sample test is conducted to get a control and comparative sample. The indoor test will be conducted around the location of your concern. These are compared at the lab for corresponding concern around issues. If someone only takes a sample at the location of your concern it’s easy to show large numbers of some naturally occurring mold spores that do not need remediation. Know whether you need remediation by testing correctly.


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