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Exterior Waterproofing in Massachusetts

If you see ponding of water near your house after a rainstorm or the melting of snow, or experience marshy spots in the same area, these are signs that you may need exterior waterproofing.

The water outside your home will eventually make it inside, compromising your foundation and basement. There are certain areas in Massachusetts that are prone to these types of conditions, so if you live in an area where this occurs, you should look to the experts at Value Dry to get this procedure performed.

  • Prevents Issues Related to Mold
  • Safeguards the Interior of the Home
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Helps Prevent Damage from Termites
  • Restores Value & Provides Peace of Mind
  • Reduces Stress During Storms

Moisture in the Home Can Lead to Expensive Damages, Making Waterproofing a Must

exterior waterproofing middlesex county maWater entering the home can lead to many different issues like musty smells, standing water and even mold, not to mention the damage it can cause to the foundation of your home.

These types of issues can occur anywhere, including cities like Boston and Cambridge, or suburban areas and outlying areas like Norfolk County, Middlesex County, and Worcester County.

  • Once you have determined that exterior waterproofing is the proper route to remedy your outside water issues, there are many ways to correct the issues.

From a simple French drain channeling the water away from your home, all the way to excavation around your homes foundation and installation of a special membrane around your house. We evaluate your property and determine the proper approach that would be best for your situation. An alternative to the exterior waterproofing services is foundation crack repair in Massachusetts.

Trained Personnel to Deliver the Best Results

exterior waterproofing worcester county maThese remedies and everything in between are very different in the scope of work, as well as cost. What you need is the assistance of a person specifically trained in exterior waterproofing to carefully evaluate your particular problem and recommend the proper resolution to your water issue.

At Value Dry, we have specially trained technicians that have many years of experience in exterior waterproofing, as well as interior waterproofing and mold remediation in Massachusetts. Our technicians can review your issue and provide a complete and cost-effective solution to end your water issues.

Our specialists at Value Dry serve the entire Boston area, including Cambridge and other urban parts, also serving all the counties west including Norfolk County, Middlesex County, and Worcester County. So contact Value Dry to protect your property in Massachusetts. We have been trusted by homeowners throughout the state to complete extensive projects on time and within your budget.


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2011 - 2016