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Massachusetts Egress Windows and Doors

egress doors norfolk county maMany homes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have issues with moisture entering the home not only through the foundation or through a crawl space but also through areas such as Egress Windows or doors.

  • Egress windows and doors are openings in the foundation that lead to a basement or a crawl space and either allow sunlight and air to enter the basement or crawl space or an entrance to the area where people or items can pass.

In addition to sunlight, fresh air and people, egress windows and doors can also let in harmful moisture.

  • Adds Comfort & Safety
  • Enhances the Living Space in the Basement
  • Allows You to Meet & Maintain Code Requirements
  • Stops Water From Entering the Home
  • Creates an Additional Means of Escape in Case of Emergency

If your Massachusetts home contains any egress windows or doors and you have a moisture issue around them, there are many ways this can be fixed. These types of windows and doors can be found in cities like Boston or out in surrounding counties like Middlesex County and Norfolk County.

Creating Additional Benefits for Your Peace of Mind

egress windows middlesex county maA remedy can be performed either from the inside through traditional waterproofing procedures or the outside through French drains or other techniques depending on the severity or the location of the moisture entering your home. If moisture enters the foundation, you’ll need foundation crack repair for your Massachusetts home to protect your home.

In addition, if you do not have one of these and you would like an egress window or door put into your home, we have the knowledge and experience to install either and add value and aesthetics to your home. These enclosures ensure you have a safe installation, and we meet all building codes so you can get full use of your basement.

Taking Care of All Moisture Issues to Leave You in Comfort

For moisture issues, the best way to start this process is to contact a Value Dry technician and have them inspect the moisture intrusion and propose a specific solution for your issue. Value Dry technicians have been specifically trained on egress windows and doors and have many years of experience. During those years of experience, we have seen all types of issues, so no issue is too big or too small.

Whether you are in Norfolk County, Middlesex County, or any other area and you have an issue with egress windows or doors in your home, or you are looking to put an egress window or door into your home, the Value Dry Guy is ready to help. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.


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2011 - 2016