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Massachusetts Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homes have in the foundation area a space that is not as large or high as a basement. This area is known as a crawl space. A crawl space can suffer from many water related issues and may even need some of the same waterproofing solutions that basements require or a waterproofing solution that is unique to the crawl space such as encapsulation.

When will you know whether or not you need your crawl space encapsulated?

  • Wet Areas or Water on the Floor
  • Visible Mold or Strong Mold Smell
  • Rotted Wood Above Crawl Space
  • Insects or Rodents Present
  • Open Vents in Crawl Space
  • Cold Floors Above Space
  • Damp or Dirty Insulation
  • Hot or Humid Environment Leading to Sagging Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are found throughout Massachusetts homes. In cities like Boston and Cambridge, as well as outlying areas like Norfolk County, Middlesex County and Worcester County, if your home has a crawl space you need to be thinking about encapsulation to keep your home safe.

Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Air Quality

crawl space encapsulation cambridge county maA Crawl space that has moisture or overall damp conditions can affect the air quality of your home. The moisture can circulate throughout your home, becoming hazardous to the health of the occupants of the home and requiring the need for mold remediation in Massachusetts.

We’ve seen crawl spaces with different types of floors, including concrete or soil. Should a dirt floor exist, one of the best ways to stop the moisture from entering into the crawl space and then into the home is the process of crawl space encapsulation.

  • Encapsulation is the process of covering the foundation walls and dirt floor with a heavy polyethylene membrane that seals out moisture and soil gases.

Should the crawl space have a concrete foundation, a different method of moisture control can be used besides encapsulation for your crawl space or foundation crack repair in Massachusetts.

Think About Vapor Barrier as an Alternative Solution

crawl space waterproofing middlesex county maVapor barrier is a solution that can be used in a specific area of moisture or the vapor barrier can be used on all walls. Vapor barrier is more flexible, and can be used to control moisture, also being used in the crawl space when a full waterproofing system is needed.

Whether you need a small flexible solution of vapor barrier, waterproofing or a combination of those, or full crawl space solutions like encapsulation, Value Dry technicians can solve your problem.

We will travel to your Massachusetts home from Boston and Cambridge to outlying areas of Worcester County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County and areas in between, creating a customized solution that is right for your home and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about keeping my crawlspace dry?

The air you breathe in your home circulates from the ground level up to the attic. Your crawlspace is influencing the air quality throughout your entire home. If there is moisture or mold then this is contributing to the allergens you breathe. A simple crawl space encapsulation can dramatically reduce the toxins in the air you breathe.


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