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Egress Windows and Doors in Connecticut

Increase the value and Use of your Connecticut Basement through the addition of egress windows and doors.

Let Value Dry explain the possibilities.

Adding egress windows or doors to your home adds both functional and aesthetic features, as well as a means of emergency access required by most Connecticut municipal building codes. You need to consult the local building codes to determine whether a second means of egress is required.

Many states require this for life safety access. Even if a second means of egress is not required or if the cellar was finished before the code change, you may still wish to consider adding an egress window.

  • Lets Natural Light Enter the Basement
  • Stops Water from Entering & Seeping into the Home
  • Adds Comfort & Safety
  • Creates An Additional Route of Escape
  • Enhances the Living Space in the Basement
  • Allows Your Home to Meet & Maintain Code Requirements

The Many Benefits of Installing Egress Windows & Doors

Egress windows add more than just access, they use a full-size window and a large surround outside the window with stairs built in for easy exit in an emergency. These egress windows create a feeling of being above ground welcoming in lots of sunlight enhancing the look and feel of any space.

The installation process requires an opening be cut into your basement wall big enough for your new window.

  • The opening will be structurally reinforced and framed out to support the egress window. The window will next be installed and sealed to be waterproof.

egress windows connecticutA prefabricated polymer composite window well with integrated stairs is attached to the foundation wall and supported with stone and soil. A clear rain cover or connection to a drainage system can be added if desired. Final grading is completed and inside finishes such as drywall and trim may be added to complete the look.

Adding a door to your basement from the yard can also enhance the access to your cellar for living and recreational space or easier access for moving furniture and equipment in and out of your storage. These doors are the angled steel entry doors sometimes referred to by the trade name Bilco Doors. They form a sturdy, secure and weather resistant entryway that opens to the full width of the stairs.

Install Egress Doors & Windows for Peace of Mind & Added Comfort

egress windows connecticutThe installation process is relatively similar regardless of whether prefabricated concrete steps are used or if a concrete block enclosure is constructed with wood stairs. A hole is excavated next to your foundation wall.

Your foundation wall is cut and structurally reinforced. Either a footing or new foundation wall is built around the opening, or a prefabricated set of concrete steps is installed. Exterior waterproofing in Connecticut is always required for the new foundation or the joint between the prefabricated stairs and your basement wall to ensure a dry area.

If required, a solid set of wood stairs would be built for the new access point. Finally, the steel egress door is positioned over the new stairs and sealed in place. Final grading ensures rainwater runs away from your new egress door. A concrete sidewalk may be added or an exterior door at the base of the stairs to complete your project.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of egress windows and doors, contact us for a free consultation today.


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