Radon Testing and Mitigation

what is radon?

As the U.S. Surgeon General has listed radon as the number two cause of lung cancer, and it accounts for about 20,000 deaths annually, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all U.S. homes be tested for radon gas.
Radon is a radioactive, odorless, colorless gas formed by the decay of radium that occurs in soil, water and natural gas. As radon decays, it forms radioactive by-products, which can be inhaled and cause damage to lung tissue.

Radon gas is drawn into homes or buildings through cracks in the foundation or slab and through unsealed pipes, sumps, drains, walls and other openings. While radon is common outside, it is diluted to very low levels and is not a concern. However, radon that enters an enclosed space, such as a home, can sometimes accumulate to high levels. Today, homes can be built to reduce the amount of radon coming in by using radon-resistant construction features.

Health Hazard: High Radon levels in your home can pose a serious health risk to your family! Value Dry can test your home for high radon levels, then provide radon removal using a radon mitigation system. 

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Value Dry provides radon testing and mitigation in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

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