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Exterior Waterproofing

You’ve got a beautifully finished basement and you are starting to get water seeping in. How can you make this nightmare go away before your belongings start getting damaged?

As a homeowner, you can see the most visible effects of basement wall damages on the inside of your home, the fact is that the worst of it doesn’t have much to do with the internal state of your walls. Instead, it’s really the outside of your basement that has the most to do with how well it will stand up against the elements and prevent leaks, wetness, moisture, cracks and flooding.

External Waterproofing creates a barrier between the water in the soil surrounding your basement and your home itself. This waterproof membrane helps keep moisture out of the porous concrete and mortar, ensuring it can’t seep into your building. When we waterproof a foundation, we pay close attention to corners, seams, and utility protrusions so that no gaps or leaks are created.

First we excavate around your foundation before installing a membrane around your entire foundation which forms a barrier between the water outside and your home. The material is dynamic, moving with your building’s foundation and resisting cracking, deterioration, and leaking.

Some basement waterproofing companies will tell you that you only way to do the job from the inside. They may recommend an interior system, which could be more intrusive. Our highly trained inspectors can determine when the seepage can be corrected from the outside of your home.

Exterior Crack Repair

When a crack in your basement wall is visible and showing signs of moisture there are several options for you to consider. Understanding whether the crack is an indication of a structural problem or non-structural is the first step. Value Dry inspectors can help you understand the difference between structural and non-structural cracks as well as the best options for making a repair. 

A crack that is visible on the inside of your basement wall is likely much larger on the outside due to the forces generated by the freezing and thawing of wet soil pressing against your foundation wall.

Making a non-structural exterior crack repair requires the removal of the soil around the crack. The wall is then cleaned of loose dirt and the crack is repaired using hydrolic cement. A heavy waterproofing membrane is then adhered to the wall over the repaired crack. Finally the membrane is protected from physical damage using foam-board or other suitable material prior to the soil being returned to the hole.

Value Dry is so confident this repair will prevent moisture from entering your basement through the repaired crack that we offer a lifetime warranty against future leaks. 

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Value Dry provides basement waterproofing in PennsylvaniaNew JerseyDelawareNew HampshireMassachusettsConnecticut, and Rhode Island.

We include a full written warranty with all our waterproofing & moisture control installation.