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Basement Egress Windows

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Basement egress windows are a great way to add light and a sense of being above ground to your basement. The aesthetics of this beautiful window is enough to make you consider adding one as part of any basement renovation plan. These however perform an additional critical function of providing a second means of exiting the basement in the event of a fire or other emergency. Many local building codes mandate a second form of egress whenever a basement is renovated to serve as additional living space. 

Value Dry would be happy to work with you on selecting the best location for an egress window which fits the design and intended function of your basement. 

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Basement Bulkhead Access Doors

Add new dimension to your basement

A basement bulkhead entrance, sometimes called steel access door or by one of the many manufactures trade names like Bilco doors is a great way to provide exterior access to your basement. These entrances can be custom built to meet your unique situation or need. They add a second means of egress to a finished basement that could incorporate a standard exterior door at the base of the stairs into your new room. This would facilitate a more attractive look, security and insulation. Many local building codes require a second means or egress for any basement used as living space. For a basement that is used for work or storage the bulkhead doors provides a large entrance for easily moving materials and equipment in and out of the basement. All of our bulkhead entrances are wrapped in waterproofing membrane to insure you have dry, hassle free use of your new living space.

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2011 - 2016





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